Ittle Dew

Genre: Adventure | Price: 4.49  | Quality: Very PromisingI haven’t played this

Ittle Dew is openly a Zelda clone. Just look at the pictures. Need I say more?

Actually, yes I do need to add that not merely contending to copy its source of inspiration, Ittle Dew has a lot of personality that’s all its own. There is a lot of humor, and top quality writing. The hand-drawn graphics style looks even better in-game. All in all, Ittle Dew is a very intelligent and well polished game that’s really worth it, with quite a lot of content, for all of us grown-up Zelda fans; it seems to touch a lot of right buttons, adding a hefty dose of self-irony on top. And it’s so damn cute.

Verdict: I think I’m gonna buy this. I’ve been itching for a Zelda on my iPod.



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